About Us
“ A carpet changes the room!”

A carpet will influence the optics, acoustics and sensations created in the room. The eye will perceive the pattern, the image. The body, mainly the foot, will feel the material, the ears will perceive the sound in the room.
As a young artist, Ute Hennings made this discovery during her studies, while attempting to link artistic design with functionality. When she moved to Africa, after completion of her studies as a designer in Aachen, she was determined to make her dream of carpets come true, and was convinced that her creations would enhance the beauty of every–day life.
Initially, she used the natural colour shades of Namibian Karakul wool. The wool was shorn, washed, spun and then hand–tufted.

This is how the name of her carpet company was developed:
NAKARANA for Namibia and KARA for Karakul.
Ute Hennings - Owner of Nakara Carpets
Ute Hennings
The limited colour variety of karakul wool was soon insufficient, making it necessary to use other wool types in a broader colour selection to ensure the practical implementation of design drafts. Today the works of Ute Hennings diffuse the joy of life. Her carpets add expression to every room as a fascinating ornament.
Creating carpets by hand
Large sizes can be ordered
Countless design options are possible in our hand made carpets
Quality control is very important during our carpet production process
we make your rug...

Nakara has constantly innovated and developed by expanding its product range and quality standards. Today, when it comes to making something extraordinary, NAKARA is a much sought after Partner.
Whether it is the shape, format, design and colours, or whether the material is wool, silk, bamboo, hemp or linen .... NAKARA has the right offer, even for the most unusual of requests.
The variations shown on the NAKARA webpage are only a very small selection of examples of manageable diversity and it is to stimulate your creative imagination.

Hand Tufting

Every Nakara carpet is a unique piece of excellent artistic work which will be manufactured individually. The manufacturing technique – hand-tufting – is work for adults on account of the technical aid instruments which are used. The training requires a good eye, feeling for style and artistic flair which has been trained and developed over the years.

Woven polyester cloth is stretched vertically on a wooden frame, forming the basis for a carpet and being a canvas at the same time. The motives are drawn in free design by the artist after which the actual manufacturing process is started. The wool is woven into the cloth with a hollow needle. The thread will wind around the stretched canvas in “U” form. As four yarns per stitches are used, a dense and strong connection is formed. Finally, the carpets are covered with rubber on the reverse side to position them and to avoid slipping on smooth surfaces. The pile is cut back to a unified length to make the colours shine.

Ensuring a perfect finish for our carpets
Colour combinations are endless
Our hand made carpets enjoy great attention to detail

Nakara carpets are of good quality and hard–wearing. Nakara carpets are of good quality. Up to 42 threads per stitch are based in the polyester fabric. This is how a dense, solid surface is formed which also feels soft and strong to the touch. The pile reacts to the weight of the foot – step and flexes back to the original position again. The special quality of wool manifests itself in its structure. The individually woven wool hair will pop open, giving full radiance to the colour; however, directly underneath this effect the wool will keep its tension and it will keep closed. Nakara carpets are individual pieces, wool –paintings, a woollen floor, paintings or murals.

Hand made carpets with great colour schemes
Hnad made carpets with great design
Hand made carpets for young and old
Carpets with cosy comfort and style
Carpets to suit any space
carpets hand made to fit any room perfectly